Many businesses struggle with videos that fail to convert because they lack strategic messaging and proper placement

Our track record speaks volumes

With extensive experience across a range of industries and a portfolio of successful projects that have driven remarkable results, we not only understand video marketing - we excel at it.

In today's digital age, video content is king. With the increasing consumption of video across all platforms, not having a powerful video presence can put you at a significant disadvantage in your market. Now is the time to capture your audience with content that stands out.


Video Business Cards

Are you ready to unlock the secret weapon that top entrepreneurs are using to skyrocket their businesses? Enter the Video Business Card. Let the Video Business Card be your ticket to more leads, more sales, and a business presence that’s simply unstoppable.

A powerful tool designed to introduce your business to the world, 24/7. This isn't just any video; it’s a carefully crafted 1-3 minute masterpiece that captures the essence of your brand, highlighting your unique value and the passion that drives you. Strategically placed on your website, incorporated into your email signature, and used as a key piece in your PR arsenal, it works tirelessly to attract leads and build relationships.

With this video, you're not just sharing what you do; you're creating an experience that draws people in and keeps them coming back. Make your first impression count every time with a Video Business Card!

Brandan Payne Commercial Campaign

Elevate your brand with our Commercial Campaigns service, featuring Branded Shorts that transform your online presence through dynamic storytelling and strategic messaging. These aren't just short videos; they're carefully crafted, continuity-driven narratives that align seamlessly with your brand's voice and mission. Each branded short is designed to captivate your audience, boost your digital footprint, and amplify your message across all brand channels.

Our approach focuses on creating a series of engaging short-form videos that not only increase brand awareness but also drive leads and convert viewers into loyal customers. By leveraging creative visuals and compelling storytelling, we ensure that each piece resonates deeply with your target audience, reinforcing your brand's identity and values consistently across campaigns.

With our Commercial Campaigns, you're not just broadcasting ads; you're launching a strategic video offensive that's designed to dominate digital landscapes. Whether it’s sparking interest, nurturing leads, or converting interactions into sales, these Branded Shorts are your key to a stronger, more visible brand. Let’s make your brand unforgettable and irresistibly engaging with every clip.

Brandan Payne Commercial Campaign

This ongoing commercial campaign produces smart branded shorts promoting the luxury Brandan Payne community. Mixing stunning aerial shots with family lifestyle segments, we created an extended narrative across a series of 1-2 minute spots aired on local cable and the brand's social channels. Smart SEO and social promotion of the videos drove strong interest in Highland Creek from prospective new residents. Our work showcases adept brand messaging through creative, continuity-driven short form video ads.


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Payne Point Media LLC-media offers services

Beyond just video production.


We have worked with many renowned brands and organizations because of our professionalism and ability to quickly apply successful video strategies to a multitude of industries including tech, non-profits, fitness, restaurants, construction, online coaches, insurance companies, real estate and many more. With our understanding of innovative editing and post production experts, as well as seasoned graphic designers and animators. Each team member’s unique talents for lighting, shooting, editing and sound design all come together, collaborating to create visually stunning videos tailored exactly to a client’s needs under tight deadlines.


The natural beauty and seclusion facilitate unlimited creative possibilities for crafting visual stories, especially period films or adventures necessitating remote, wooded terrains unchanged for centuries. Films shot on locations this exclusive subsequently generate media buzz, industry interest and have the potential for iconic placements in future productions. Capture your visual stories against truly one-of-a-kind, protected majestic scenery found nowhere else in the region.


We understand sticking to a clearly defined video production budget is crucial for most organizations and brands. That's why we offer straightforward fixed pricing on all projects tailored exactly to each client's individual needs and goals. .








  • We provide a free consultation

  • Filling out the brief discovery form

  • We sign an agreement


  • We decide on the place and time of shooting

  • Writing the script

  • Making a storyboard


  • Preparing the filming location

  • Recording sound

  • Shooting video material


  • Video editing

  • Graphics development

  • Mixing sound

  • Making edits

  • Implementation Guide

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for your upcoming project.


What does the process look like from initial contact to final edited video?

Our streamlined production process begins with an intro call to discuss your needs, then a treatment outlining our creative approach. Next comes preprocessing and shooting, followed by editing incorporating your feedback, then lastly delivery of the final video files.

How long does an average 2-3 minute video take from start to finish?

From first call to final product, we can turn around professional grade 2-3 minute videos in 4-6 weeks. Rush edits can be completed in 2-3 weeks.

Do you use licensed music and is it an additional cost?

Our production licenses include affordable stock music tracks and sound effects to incorporate in the editing process. Additional music licensing is only necessary if the client requests recognizable commercial songs. In those special cases, licensing costs would be discussed upfront and integrated into the quoted production price.

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